Stamford AVR SX440

Product Name : Stamford AVR SX440
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Stamford AVR SX440,SX440 avr for stamford

The SX440 positive voltage build up from residual levels is ensured by the use of efficient semiconductors in the power circuitry of the AVR. The AVR is linked with the main stator windings and theexciter field windings to provide closed loop control of the output voltage with load regulation of +/- 1.0%.

In addition to being powered from the main stator, the AVR also derives a sample voltagefrom the output windings for voltage control purposes. In response to this sample voltage, the AVR controls the power fed to the exciter field, and hence the main field, to maintain the machine output voltage within the specified limits, compensating for load, speed, temperature and power factor of the generator.



Voltage: 190-246 Vac 1 phase

Frequency: 50-60Hz nominal

Phase: 1

Wire: 2


Voltage max 90v dc at 207v ac input

Current continuous 4A dc. Intermittent 6A for secs.

Resistance 15 ohms minimum

Regulation: +/- 1.0%

Thermal Drift: 0.04% per deg. C changes in avr ambient

Typical System Response: unit power dissipation: 12 watts maximum

AVR response 20ms

Filed current to 90% 80ms

Machine Volts to 97% 300ms


Vibration 20-100Hz 50mm/sec 100Hz- 2k Hz 3.3g

Operating temperature -40 to + 70°C

Relative Humidity 0-70°C 95%

Storage temperature -55 to +80°C

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