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Stamford AVR MX321

Product Name : Stamford AVR MX321
Product ID : MX321
MOQ : 5pcs
Packaging : Individual packing or neutral packing
Delivery time : about 3 working days
Payment terms : T/T,West Union,Paypal
Supply ability : 3000pcs/month

Stamford AVR MX321,MX321 avr for stamford

MX321 is a three phase sensed Automatic Voltage Regulator and forms part of the excitation system for a brush-less generator.


Sensing Input

Voltage: 196-264V ac MAX,2 or 3 phase

Frequency: 50-60 Hz nominal

Power Input(PMG)

Voltage: 170-220V ac max,3 phase, 3 wire

Current: 3A/phase

Frequency: 100-120 Hz nominal


Voltage: max 120V dc

Current: continuous 3.7A dc(see note 1)

               Intermittent 6A for 10 secs

Resistance: 15 ohms minimum

Regulation: +/-0.5% RMS with 4% engine governing (see note 2)

Thermal Drift: 0.02% per deg.C change in AVR ambient(note 3)

Soft Start Ramp Time: 0.4-4 seconds

Typical System Response

AVR response          10ms

Filed current to 90%     80ms

Machine Volts to 97%    300ms

External Voltage Adjustment: +/-10% with 5 k ohm 1 watt trimmer(see note 4)

Under Frequency Protection

Set point 95% Hz(see note 4)

Slope 100-300% down to 30 Hz

Mx. Dwell 20% volts/S recovery

Unit Power Dissipation: 18 watts maximum

Analogue Input

Maximum input +/- Vdc

Sensitivity 1V for 5% Generator Volts(adjustable)

Input resistance 1k ohm

Quadrature Droop Input

10 ohms burden

Max. sensitivity: 0.22 A for 5% droop 0PF

Max. input: 0.33 A

Current Limit Input

10 ohms burden

Sensitivity range: 0.5-1 A

Over Voltage Detector Input

Set point: 300v. Time delay: 1 Sec(fixed)

CB trip coil volts: 10-30 vdc

CB trip coil resistance: 20-60 ohms

Over Excitation Protection

Set point 75V dc

Time delay 8-15 seconds(fixed)


Vibration 20-100 Hz 50mm/sec

              100hz-2kHz 3.3g

Operation temperature -40-+70°C

Relative Humidity 0-70 °C   95%

Storage temperature: -55 to +80 °C

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