Stamford AVR AS440

Product Name : Stamford AVR AS440
Product ID : AS440
MOQ : 5pcs
Packaging : Individual packing or neutral packing
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Supply ability : 3000pcs/month

Stamford AVR AS440,AS440 avr for stamford

STAMFORD AS-440 AVR is a half wave phase controlled thyristor type AVR and forms part of the excitation system for a brushless generator.


Sensing Input

Voltage: Jumper selectable  100-130 Vac 1 phase or 190-264 Vac 1 phase

Frequency : 50-60 Hz nominal
Power Input

Voltage    100-264 V ac 1 phase                              

Frequency    50-60 Hz nominal


Voltage    82 V d.c. @ 200 V a.c.                          

Current     continuous 4A (see note 1).  transient 7.5A for 10 secs.

Resistance    15 ohms min (10 ohms min when input  volts is less than 175 ac)


+/- 1.0% (see note 2)

Thermal drift

0.03% per deg. C change in AVR ambient (see note 3)

Typical system response

AVR response     20 ms

Filed current to 90%     80 ms

Machine Volts to 97%    300 ms

External voltage adjustment

+/-10% with 1 k ohm 1 watt trimmer (see note 4)  Increasing resistance lowers voltage.

Under frequency protection

Set point     94 -98% Hz (see note 5)

Unit power dissipation

12 watts maximum

Build up voltage

4 Volts @ AVR terminals

Analogue input

Maximum input  +/- 5 Vdc (see note 6)

Sensitivity    1V for 5% Generator Volts (adjustable)

Input resistance  1k ohm  

Quadrature droop input

10 ohms burden

Max. sensitivity: 0.07 A for 5% droop 0PF

Max. input:  0.33 A

Over excitation protection

Set point      65 V dc

Time delay   10-15 seconds (fixed)


Vibration 20-100 Hz  50mm/sec    100Hz – 2kHz   3.3g

Operating temperature     -40 to +70C (note 7)

Relative Humidity 0-70C    95% (note 8)

Storage temperature  -55 to +80C


1. De-rate by 12% if mounted in ‘portrait’ orientation.

2. With 4% engine governing.

3. After 2 minutes.

4. Generator de-rate may apply. Check with factory.

5. Factory set, semi-sealed, jumper selectable.

6. Any device connected to the analogue input must be fully floating (galvanically isolated from ground), with an

   insulation strength of 500V ac.

7. De-rate output current by 5% per degree C above 60C.

8.Non condensing.

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