Smartgen RPU560 Security Module

Smartgen RPU560 Security Module
Product Name : Smartgen RPU560 Security Module
Product ID : RPU560
MOQ : 1pc
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Smartgen RPU560 Security Module

RPU560 Security Module is a security module that can autonomously maintain the engine running and protect it in the case of master control fault. The module is connected to HMC9000 via CONBUS port. All parameters and alarm types can be checked on the master controller. It can be widely used in marine emergency units, main propulsion units, main generator units and pumping units.

♦Speed sensor enables accurate control and protection of the running engine;
  ♦Optional working mode; one is synchronize with master controller to protect engine normal running; the other is protect engine automatically when master controller failure occurs.
  ♦Built-in two power supply automatic switchover function;
  ♦4 digital shutdown inputs that with break wire detection function;
 ♦5 relay outputs:
 Shutdown output: active when there is shutdown alarm occurs;
 Fuel output: active when engine speed has reached crank disconnect speed and deactivates when genset is stopped;
Common warning output: active when there is warning alarm occurs;
Common shutdown output: active when there is shutdown alarm occurs;
Auxiliary output: user-set; output when the output port is active.
  ♦Emergency shutdown input port: after emergency shutdown is initiated, regardless of whether main controller failure occurred or not, shutdown signal will still be sent;
  ♦Remote mode, in which only overspeed shutdown and emergency shutdown signals will be able to stop the unit;
  ♦Modular design, self extinguishing ABS plastic base, compactness structure, small size, easy use.
  TECHNICAL PARAMETERS                  

Items Content
Working Voltage DC18.0V~35.0V continuous power supply
Power Consumption <3W
Shutdown output 7A relay output, break wire detection function
Fuel output 7A relay output, break wire detection function
Common warning output 7A relay output
Common shutdown output 7A relay output
Auxiliary output 7A relay output
Case dimension 144mm x 96mm x 15mm
Working conditions Temperature:(-25~+70)°C
Storage conditions Temperature:(-25~+70)°C
Weight 0.50kg

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