Cummins Speed Controller 4914090

Cummins Speed Controller 4914090
Product Name : Cummins Speed Controller 4914090
Product ID : 4914090
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Cummins Speed Controller 4914090

Application Features

1, Low smoke displacement, soft noise meet the demand of environment protection imprive people's feeling.

2, Easily start in cold, plateau and Ww pressure areas, especially for N-G-250kw and K-G-300kw sets.

3, High ability to anti-disturbance Stable operation due to the large power walkie-talkie

4, Actuator can not be damaged in case of short circuit due to the output protector.

5, Diesel with water pump cam start with wad, the range of round per minute cam be ± 600, that is 1000-1200 rpm.

The oil valve of the  speed regulator is totally open and if the supercharger low-speed and with little air input, so it is difficult to ignite the fuel and can not completely ignite and have thick smoke displacement. It starry 400-1200rpm, It need 3-5 or 10-20 minutes to accelerate.

It can easily start if we decrease the oil input. After it start, then increase the oil input, the speed and the diesel

generator temperature will increase gradually. Thus, the smoke displacement is Ww and the noise is soft.

The operation of and use of the set after start is same as other Cummins regulators.

This model is applied to the generator set matched with PT pump below 350kva, is the newly improved Cummins model with the new functions added as below:

1, The function of smooth start has been added. This function can solve the problem of smoke caused by the over-speed oil input in the process of starting the engine, lower the noise and the raising speed can be chosen by engine amount 0 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec, 15 sec, 20 sec, 25 sec, 30 sec.

2, The protection for short-circuit of input has been added. It can avoid the short circuit of EFC' output and the problem of ground.

3, The function of anti-interference has been added. It can make the speed controller work stably.

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