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ACB275H Actuator

ACB275H Actuator
Product Name : ACB275H Actuator
Product ID : ACB275H
Packaging : original packing
Delivery time : about 3~7 working days
Payment terms : T/T,West Union
Supply ability : 1000pcs/month

ACB275H Actuator

(Multi VDC / MIL Connector)

The 275 Series Electric Actuator is a second generation design more powerful than its predecessor. It is for Bosch-Style “P” 3000-7000 fuel injected Pumps. Coupling the 275 Series with a fuel pump results in a high performance fuel control system without external linkages or brackets. Two isolated chambers eliminates the possibility of any magnetic particles collecting and jamming the actuator. As a result, the 275 Series typically outlasts the life of a diesel engine and is maintenance-free. Camshaft bearing retainer kits, position feedback transducer and heavy duty bearing retention options are available.


Optimum Performance for In-line Pumps 
Includes Manual Rack Return Mechanism 
Stop Lever 
Mounts Directly on Bosch ‘P’ and ‘RP 21’ Fuel 
Injection Pumps in Place of a Mechanical Governor 
Control Up to 12 Cylinder Pumps
Adjustable Maximum Fuel Limit

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