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New Products Coming ! -Detection an protection relay !


What is detection and protection relay ?

Detection and protection relay

It can be detected in real-time, and it can be used to protect the safe and

reliable operation of the system. To ensure that the timely detection,

alarm, and first aid measures to avoid serious damage occurred.

The difference between the protection relay and the traditional protection

A, Low-impact by weather conditions,strong stability

B,Long life

C,Microcomputer control, quick response

D,Full proteciton

E, Easy installation

F, Low cost


Detection and protection of relay detection is fast,

and the speed of the reaction is 10 times faster than the traditional.

2、Detection an protection relay's function

Annual 5000 million motor is sold, of which 85% is less than 15Kw.

They often burn out of the following reasons:

30 % Over load

19 % The poor environment (Electrical, temperature, humidity, etc)

14 % Phase error

13 % Direct start and stop

10 % Ageing

14 % Others...

Possible loss:

Motor replacement cost

Production stop

Customer complaint…………

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