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Leroy Somer AVR R731

Product Name : Leroy Somer AVR R731
Product ID : R731
MOQ : 5pcs
Packaging : Individual packing or neutral packing
Delivery time : about 3 working days
Payment terms : T/T,West Union,Paypal
Supply ability : 3000pcs/month

Leroy Somer AVR R731,AVR R731 for Leroy somer generator

The R 731 optional three phase sensing module is designed to be used with the R438, R448, R449 single phase sensing voltage regulators.


The voltage sensing is done with three 2VA single phase transformers.
Input voltage :
- High voltage tap (400V):  340V-5% to 480V=5%
- Medium voltage tap (230V) : 200V-5% to 240V+5%
- Low voltage tap (110V) : 90V-5% to 140V+5%

Internal voltage rheostat :
The voltage can be adjusted using the internal rheostat P1.
This rheostat is designed to provide +/-5% adjustment from any voltage within the above voltage ranges.
Remote voltage rheostat :
If required, remove the ST10 jumper in order to connect a remote voltage rheostat.
A 470 Ohms - 3W rheostat can be used for a +/-5% voltage adjustment range or a 1k Ohms - 3W rheostat for a +/-10%
voltage range.
An ST1 jumper was included on older R731 modules to increase the voltage adjustment range but was discontinued.

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