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Leroy Somer AVR R438

Product Name : Leroy Somer AVR R438
Product ID : R438
MOQ : 5pcs
Packaging : Individual packing or neutral packing
Delivery time : about 3 working days
Payment terms : T/T,West Union,Paypal
Supply ability : 3000pcs/month

Leroy Somer AVR R438,AVR R438 for Leroy somer generator

The circuitry of the R438 Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) provides closed loop control of the generator output voltage by regulating the exciter field current. The R438 can be powered by AREP or PMG field excitation system and is fitted as an optionon:1000 Series Generators (1000 Series alternators do not have PMG option), 2000 Series Generators,3000 Series Generators

With the AREP excitation system the R438 AVR is powered by two auxiliary windings which are independent of the voltage detection circuit. With the PMG option the R438 AVR is powered by the PMG which is fitted at the rear end of the generator.


Voltage Regulation:±0.5%

Voltage sensing:95 to 140 volts (50/60 Hz) or170 to 260 volts (50/60 Hz) or 340 to 520 volts (50/60 Hz)

Response Time:

Normal (1 sec) for ± 20% voltage variation or Rapid (0.3sec) for ± 20% voltage variation

Remote voltage adjustment range:±0.5%

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